We really hope that this website appeals to you. We have written with everyone in mind, hoping that we can help everyone improve their financial situation. We know that no one can wave a magic wand and increase people’s income, but we also know that there are lots of people that have not had help with money before and so just fumble along and hope that what they are doing is right. This is not fair though and we hope to address that. We have started by putting together some articles which have information about money. We hope that they explain things clearly and will help you and as many people as possible to start getting a better understanding of money. We hope that by explaining about different money matters and by giving hints and tips f what to do in different situations, we help people to think harder about what they are doing and make changes so that they are better off. We hope that just by doing a few easy things you will begin to see how you do not have to necessarily make huge changes to start to make some difference and to feel more positive about your financial situation.